FM survey & drawings

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Creation of exact CAD floor plans, sections and elevations through on-site survey.

How it works

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You send us your plans by mail or already scanned via email or upload.
We digitize your plans into accurate CAD files according to your specifications.
You get the CAD file(s) on time on DVD, by mail or download.
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Indicative prices for FM survey & drawings

Our procedures are well suited for buildings starting from approx. 2.000 square meters of space. These may be office buildings, shopping malls, factories or residential buildings.

Digitization of existing drawings


You can calculate the cost of CAD digitization of your plans with our online pricing calculator in advance.

A0 drawing
to DWG Basic
€  49,-plus VAT
A0 drawing
to DWG Premium
€  75,-plus VAT
Measuring and creation of new plans
For floor plans:
from 2,500 m2
from 10,000 m2
from 50,000 m2
from 100,000 m2

2,50 €/m2

2.05 €/m2
1.40 €/m2
0.95 €/m2
For floor plans & sections:
from 2,500 m2
from 10,000 m2
from 50,000 m2
from 100,000 m2

3.25 €/m2

2.65 €/m2
1.80 €/m2
1.25 €/m2
Measuring and current plans


This price contains floor plans, surface computations according to the GIF standard, front views and sectional plans and a room catalog with all relevant data.

center 100,000 m2 
€ 125,000,-plus VAT

CAD FM survey and plan according to the relevant FM standards

Onsite FM survey of the building and updating of the legacy drawings or creating them anew in CAD. Determination of the rentable area and the effective space according to the relevant standards.

Digitization of plans for FM

The existing FM survey and drawings of your object no more describe the actual situation. Due to changes, that occur constantly nearly in every building, walls have been moved, doors and windows have changed, etc.
You need however a current documentation of your building for renting and maintenance. This documentation shall contain an accurate area computation according to GIF or DIN 277, so that you can be sure that the spaces specified in your rental contracts are correct.
Also for the front of your building you would like to have accurate drawings showing the surfaces, in order to maybe rent part of the front surface for advertising purposes.
Current sectional drawings of the object should be just as available as also a room catalog with space sizes, room heights, door lists, wall and ceiling material, etc.

Measuring buildings onsite and production of plans in CAD

Our local partners at your location measure your building with tachymeters and hand lasers. We capture and enter the results of the measuring process as far as possible already onsite into a notebook or we manually enter and redline the determined dimensions into existing FM survey and drawings and/or provide manual sketches. From this data taken onsite we produce current floor plans, views and sections in CAD. You receive these as CAD files and/or plots.
For the production of the views the scanning of the building by a 3D laser scanner has proven to be an economical procedure. We provide precise CAD drawings of building fronts from this laser scans as well as from photogrammetric images. We also can derive photo-realistic visualization of the measured object from such data.
By using our efficient and economical procedures for measurement, CAD and visualization you save substantial costs and time – while getting professional quality.


In many projects expertise from three different areas is required:

  • the actual building, the architects domain
  • the measuring technique for the onsite survey, the surveyors specialty
  • the representation of the results, the activity of CAD and visualization experts

JDS co-operates with surveyors and architects, which increasingly use the JDS service for CAD and visualization, in order to supply their contractors fast and economically with current floor plans, room catalogs and surface computations of the buildings.
Specifically against the background of the rising cost pressure in the market the cooperation of specialist is a practical way for mastering competition together.

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