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How it works

You send us your plans by mail or already scanned via email or upload.
We will create a personal offer – free of charge.
We digitize your plans into accurate CAD files according to your specifications.
You get the CAD file(s) on time on DVD, by mail or download.
We will send you the originals back and you get an invoice according to offer.

Overview of our CAD digitizing service

Scope of service
A0 drawing
to DWG-Basic
€  49,-plus VAT
A0 drawing
to DWG-Premium
€  75,-plus VAT
A0 drawing to
DWG-Premium Plus
from € 99,-plus VAT
Free phone consultation & quotation yes   yes   yes
FREE scanning of your
plans with optimal parameters if not already
yes yes yes
Creation of accurate CAD
. Li­n­es, dimension
lines, sym­bo­ls, hatchings
and tex­ts are displayed
yes yes   yes
Ex­ac­t adaptation of
ob­jects in the specified
yes yes yes
Plans from the following
applied fields
  • ar­chi­tec­ture
  • engineering­
  • ar­chi­tec­ture
  • engineering­
  • plant construction
  • shipbuilding
  • cadaster
  • others on request
  • ar­chi­tec­ture
  • engineering­
  • plant construction
  • shipbuilding
  • cadaster
  • others on request
CAD output formats
for the different variants
  • AutoCAD DWG or DXF
  • MicroStation DGN
  • AutoCAD DWG or DXF
  • MicroStation DGN
  • Nemetschek Allplan FT
  • others on request
  • AutoCAD DWG or DXF
  • MicroStation DGN
  • Nemetschek Allplan FT
  • others on request
Distribution of the individual
objects on different
depending on the
JDS Basic layer

  • graphics
  • dimensions
  • text
  • grid
  • drawing frame & header
 JDS Premium layer

  • with up to 56 layers
  • or your individual
    layers (unlimited amount)
JDS Premium layer

  • with up to 56 layers
  • or your individual
    layers (unlimited amount)
Quality control of the CAD
plans by JDS specialists
draftsmen JDS engineers JDS engineers
Your individual CAD
specification with lineweights, fonts, dimension styles, layout borders, title block layouts, plot style tables etc.
no yes yes
Individual additional
such as plausibility check through comparing
multiple pla­ns taking reference points into account such as axes of floors that are on top of each other or of sections and elevations with floor plans
no no yes
Return of your paper documents after project completion for FREE yes yes yes

For small to medium quantities there are 3 different delivery times you can choose from depending on the urgency of your inquiry:

Standard: 5 days         Urgent: 3 days         Express: only 24 hours

CAD digitizing in 2D and 3D with exact dimensions, correct texts and professional use of layers

Drawings that are today on paper are needed as CAD files. The CAD drawing shall be drawn to scale, symbols and text must be correct and placed on the appropriate layer! Dimensions, line types and line widths must be all right. And they must be available fast and inexpensive.
The old drawings are often yellowed, folded… and sometimes oversized. They stem from all engineering areas: Mechanical engineering, plant construction, energy generation and distribution, Waterways and ship building, architecture and civil engineering, cadastre, plumbing and air-condition, traffic engineering, …

CAD digitizing by JDS, using the most advanced digital methods, combined with on screen post processing by CAD experts and quality assurance by engineers, who understand the content of your drawings.

The unique point in our CAD digitizing solution is that you get high quality CAD files, at a low cost price due to a high rate of automatic vectorisation while being of very high quality due to postprocessing and checking by experienced engineers. In the shortest time and in any volume.

CAD files of high quality, with exact dimensions, orthoqraphically correct text and professional use of layers.

In the CAD format that you require, for AutoCAD, MicroStation, Nemetschek, Unigraphics, Catia etc. Particularly we have extensive engineering & CAD experience with: architectural drawings, including on-site survey, P&I diagrams for chemical and petrochemical process engineering, georeferencing and digitizing of power grids or pipelines and insertion into the digital land base map, cadastral maps for road construction and green areas, landuse and zoning plans, escape route plans, waterway and marine engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial and power plant construction.

Why JDS Sommer CAD digitizing?
JDS SOMMER combines scanning, computerized digitizing (CAD digitizing) and profound engineering know-how, in order to deliver the most cost-effective, fastest and highest quality conversion from paper to CAD. For the Editing & Quality Assurance process we provide engineering know-how in multiple disciplines to meet highest CAD requirements of our more than one thousand customers. JDS CAD digitizing does convert even complex construction, engineering and land register drawings into CAD models of professional quality.
The results are 99% equivalent to designs drawn anew on screen by a qualified CAD expert.
We deliver an exact representation of the geometry as well as the dimensions and expert layering, conforming to customer specifications.
When using our JDS CAD digitizing services the customer can advise detailed specifications on:

  • Layering
  • Layer Colour
  • Scale of Drawing or Map
  • Text Size
  • Line Width and Types

We can produce files in the following native formats:

  • AutoCad dwg
  • Microstation DGN
  • Nemetschek Allplan FT
  • other systems in DXF

From 2D to 3D in mechanical design and plant engineering:

Our CAD digitizing services for modelling and visualizing your products and plants in 3D are professional, fast and low cost:

  • We create 3D models based on existing paper plans, 2D CAD files, photos and laser scans
  • From the 3D models, we derive the detailed drawings for manufacturing, component catalogs, etc.
  • While designing the 3D models, we take into account dimensions and specifications that you provide, as well as sketches and handwritten entries. We also implement modifications and additions to the 3D models, as defined by you.

We are working primarily with the following platforms and data formats:

  • SolidEdge
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • Delivery of 3D models in the native formats and in IGES or STEP
  • conversion into other 3D formats is available

3D Visualization and Animation

Starting from paper drawings, CAD files and photos, we create photorealistic views with the desired perspective views and also camera rides.
The output formats are JPEG and TIF for images and AVI and MPEG for camera tracks.
JPEG and TIFF files can be viewed with all popular image viewer programs. Also print output is possible.
AVI and MPEG files can be displayed with programs like Windows Media Player, Quicktime or Real Player.

Test us!

See the quality of our CAD digitizing service for yourself in advance: We create a test scan / CAD file. FREE of charge & without any obligation!

Send us a section of your plan for a test digitization by mail, email or use our fast and convenient uploader!


“The results of the JDS CAD digitizing service really convinced us!

We would already have saved a lot of time and money had we known of JDS SOMMER GmbH earlier. We can recommend JDS CAD digitizing to all CAD users who desire nearly completely exact and complete conversions of existing plans and details into CAD files for very favourable prices!”

- Engineering Bureau Martin Stephan

Free Consultation!

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We advise you gladly and will make an individual offer free of charge taking the amount of your templates under consideration.

Read in re­fe­re­nces, about projects realized in practice and how companies like yours gained significant competitive edge at low cost and in a short time by using our services.