3D CAD Modeling from Engineering Drawings

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We convert your inventory plans into 3D CAD models. These CAD models do precisely present your objects in 3D CAD with graphics, icons, text and dimensions. Suitable for 3D construction, plant engineering, and BIM.

How it works


Send us your Engineering drawings of Mechanical parts, buildings etc, by Post or Courier. We quote.

We convert your Construction Drawings and Inventory Plans into 3D CAD Models.

We produce native CAD for Inventor, CATIA, Pro/E, Revit, MicroSstation or transfer in STEP or IGES


You receive from us high quality CAD files in time by E-Mail, Download or on DVD,


We return the originals to you and you receive the invoice as per the quotation.

Indicative prices for 3D CAD Services

  • 3D CAD Modeling of a mechanical part:
  • 3D CAD Modeling of a building:
  • 3D CAD model for a traffic terminal, e.g. a  subway station:
  • 3D CAD model of a power station with pipes:
from 250 €
on request
on request
on request
plus VAT
of a mechanical part
from €250plus VAT

JDS Sommer delivers full 3D CAD models in Inventor, CATIA, Pro / E, REVIT, IGS, STP.

The unique service by JDS SOMMER is to create from existing engineering drawings and building plans structured 3-dimensional CAD models with geometry, accurate dimensions, text and layers. These models describe the object as a composition of geometric entities such as spheres, cylinders, freeform surfaces and comprise dimensions for edges, boreholes, openings, etc.. The 3D model delivered can be used by the CAD designer or the architect for work on the machine part, building or plant in his 3D CAD system.

Practical Applications

1. CAD modeling of machine parts

The CAD engineer can change and redesign the structured and dimensioned CAD files delivered by JDS Sommer in his CAD system and provide production with newly designed CAD data.

2. CAD Modeling for BIM and plant documentation

We supply high quality 3D CAD models of buildings and plants from which the exact dimensions, surfaces and volumes can be derived and that can be used for building information management.
The modeled structures can be residential and office buildings, traffic control systems, railway stations, power plants and chemical plants with pipelines.

Free Consultation!

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