3D CAD Modeling

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We convert scanned data into 3D CAD models. Our process delivers your objects in 3D CAD of high quality with graphics, geomteric shapes, icons, text and exact dimensions. These CAD models can be used for planning, design and building survey.

How it works

Send us a machine part, or information oft he building tob e scanned.
We scan your object in 3D with optimal scan parameters.
We produce from the point cloud or an STL file a high quality, fully structured  3D CAD model.
You get the CAD file on time on DVD, by mail or download.
We will return all your objects and/or your data and send you an invoice as per the offer.

Indicative prices for 3D CAD Services

  • 3D CAD modeling for a machine part up to 40 cm edge length:
  • 3D modeling of a residential or office building for survey:
  • 3D rendering of a transportation terminal, for example, Subway station:
  • 3D rendering of a power station hall with piping:
from 250 €
on demand
on demand
on demand
plus VAT
40 cm edge length
from €250plus VAT

JDS Sommer provides fully structured 3D CAD models in REVIT, IGS, STP.

The special service of JDS summer is creating out of three-dimensional point clouds or STL data a fully structured, accurate 3D CAD model. That model  describes the scanned machine part or building as a composition of geometric objects, such as spheres, cylinders, free-form surfaces and include dimensions for edges, drill holes, openings, etc..

The 3D model delivered by JDS Sommer enables the CAD designer or architect to process and modify the scanned object directly in his CAD system.

Practical Applications

We we have specialized in two applications:

1. Scanning and 3D CAD modeling of machine parts

We scan machine parts in our company and convert point clouds or STL data into 3D CAD models. The results we deliver to customers in IGS or STP data format, that can be used with most 3D CAD systems.

These structured and dimensioned CAD data allows the designer to change in his CAD system for further processing and then put in production in the new form is available

2. Survey of buildings and industrial structures

The surveyor collects the data by onsite terrestrial 3D laser scanning as point cloud or STL and then  transmits the scan data to us.

We convert these point clouds or STL data into high-quality 3D CAD models of the building, from which the exact dimensions, area sizes and volumes can be calculated.

These structures can be residential and office buildings, as well as traffic installations and train stations, power plants and chemical plants with pipes, valves and engines.

The data we produce is suitable for Facility Management FM and Building Information Management BIM.

In this section we primarily provide CAD models for the system of Autodesk REVIT.

Free Consultation!

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We advise you gladly and will make an individual offer free of charge taking the amount of your templates under consideration.

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