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I do manage real estate facilities.
The drawings for the buildings are on paper, but have not been properly updated for a long time. How do I get up-to-date CAD files from these drawings?

JDS SOMMER GmbH does not only produce from your paper drawings new CAD files but we also go onsite and verify all changes in your existing buildings and installations. We measure all dimensions and we update your drawings with all modifications found. The results are CAD files that represent your buildings and factories in high quality.

How are the dimensions checked and updated?

By handheld laserdevices (distometer), total station (tachymeter) and by laserscanner.

We do produce, package and ship products. The drawings for our production facilities, positioning of the machinery, location of the conveyer belts are not up-to-date. How do I get fast and at reasonable expenses CAD drawings that describe the status of our facilities exactely?

JDS verifies the dimensions by measuring onsite in your production facilities and based on these measurements does produce up tp date CAD drawings. If there do exist drawinsg on paper or CAD we only enter the changes. The results are CAD files that represent your manufacturing facilities and factories in high quality.

We operate power or communications cables, a sewage system or a simolar network. But the drawings for our network are not up-to-date.

We do survey and measure your piping or sewage network and produce a new cadaster map in CAD.

What is Facility Management, respectively CAFM?

Facility management (FM) is the systematic consideration, analysis and optimization of all cost-relevant procedures around a building. The aim of the FM concept is to economically optimize the use, the administration and the ownership of a building. In order to achieve this goal FM requires to link the graphical plan of a building and of its equipment with the object data. This can be achieved by CAFM software.
CAFM: Computer Aided Facility management. CAFM software in particular provides functionality for the following taks:

  • Documentation
  • Space management
  • Relocation management
  • Renting
  • Operating cost
  • Cleaning management
  • Key management
  • Energy controlling
  • Maintenance

Important standards concerning the FM domain are DIN 277 and the guidelines of the GIF (Gesellschaft für Immobilienwirtschaftliche Forschung e. V., a society located in Wiesbaden, Germany, dedicated to economical research in real estate).
As prerequisite for the space management the floor plans must be made available in CAD with high accuracy and in the CAD drawings every room must be described by a polygon: to each polygon the specific type of use according to DIN277 is assigned and additional attributes. AutoCAD uses for this purpose block attributes and Nemetschek Allplan the space stamp.

A historic building shall be renovated. There are no CAD drawings available from the facade. How do I get CAD files that I can use for planing and designing the renovation work?

JDS takes digital photographs of the buildings facades and from all details. Using a tachymeter or other digital measuring we take reference points for all windows, doors, balustrades, etc. Based on these reference points we deskew and transform the photos taken, in order to achieve a plane presentation of the object that is true to scale.

We have arial photographs from
which new maps shall be derived. Alternatively the existing map shall be completed and brought up-to-date on the basis of these arial photographs.

JDS does the orthorectification of the images in order to remove geometric and other distortions. The images are transformed into a coordinate system, most often Gauss-Krüger, stitched together in order to produce a seamless map and compared to the existing map.

The image of an existing building shall be captured and virtually be merged with new parts of the building that are yet under design.

We take photos and measure reference points from the existing buildings. Then we merge the data from CAD files and photos into a virtual overall picture, that can be viewed and modified on screen.

The design and dimensions of
pipeystems in energyproduction and chemical installations shall be captured from the existing installation and displayed in updated CAD drawings.

Using photogrammetry or laserscanning JDS does retrieve the geometry of these pipings and derives CAD drawings.

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