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Find answers to frequently asked questions about the JDS OCR services.

What type of results does JDS Precision-OCR deliver?

JDS Precision OCR converts existing paper documents or images that have been produced from documents by scanning into WORD files of excellent quality. The recognition process does also include the conversion of handwritten text or from historic fonts. Paragraphs and coloumns are usually reproduced as per the original. Images are inserted on the correct position as well as handwritten notes.

What is the difference between JDS Precision-OCR and regular OCR as delivered by most competitors?

The difference JDS Precision OCR and most OCR offered in the market is in the quality of the results. Other OCR procedures fail with old text material and handwriting, the correct representation of paragraphs and the positioning of images and annotations. Such regular OCR results require often a lot of manual cleanup and post-processing in order to provide proper results. The results provided by JDS Precision OCR are 99% true to the original.

What are the type of results of JDS
precision-data entry?

JDS Precision OCR provides conversion for existing tables, questionnaires, forms, index filecards from paper into Excel tables and Access databases.

I do use paper-based filecards for administrating a storage room with 50.000 drawings. Can I transfer and convert these index filecards into an Access database?

Yes, JDS Precision OCR converts paper-based index lists and filecards into a high quality database, which will help you to manage your drawings a lot more efficient and make retrieval much more powerful.

I have a considerable amount of address material on paper. Can I transfer and convert these address tables into an Excel-table?

Yes, JDS Precision OCR converts such register lists into an Excel table in a short time and with high quality, so that you can use your addresses a lot more efficient and flexible.

I do have forms that have been filled in by hand from a market survey. How can I convert these to data tables that reside in an Access database?

JDS Precision OCR does convert market research forms or other questionnaires into a high quality database in a short time, which will make it a lot easier for you to analyse the data.

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