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The JDS SOMMER GmbH demonstrates excellent service and quality. We serve hundreds of customers (utilities, architects and many more industries). We will be glad to name upon request additional reference clients from your region and/or from your industry and get you in touch with them. This way you can find out about the quality of our services first hand from other users. Simply give us a call!

Testimonials: Scanning & CAD digitizing

Logo_IngBueroStephanEngineering Bureau Stephan
Underground construction, mechanical and piping engineering/design, Above-ground structural engineering, Construction Management, 2D/3D CAD

“We have tried the JDS CAD digitization. In the beginning, we were very sceptical because we had had some negative experiences with a competitive provider. The results of the JDS CAD digitization really convinced us! We would already have saved a lot of time and money had we known of JDS SOMMER GmbH earlier. We can recommend JDS CAD digitization to all CAD users who desire nearly completely exact and complete conversions of existing plans and details into CAD files for very favourable prices!”

- Engineering Bureau Martin Stephan


“We became aware of JDS SOMMER GmbH through a promotional letter and tried the JDS CAD digitization on a construction project. We were amazed! The files we got back resulted in drawings we could immediately edit and plot without any need for corrections.”

- Franz Philipp Kraus

Logo_ThalesJDS CAD digitization / SCAN Service
“…no member of our team would want to miss our digital archive at work. Digital archiving turns out with us ever more as a full success. The time necessary to access old drawings has been drastically reduced and there are practically no more external costs, like copying etc. . That certainly is also due to the outstanding quality of the work performed by the JDS SOMMER team. I will gladly recommend your company also with business partners and friends…“

- Responsible department manager at Thales

Projects realized in practice

Our bread and butter business: paper drawings from architects have to be quickly converted to CAD

An architect is commissioned to plan the renovation and modification of a business. The drawings of the building are provided in paper format. The paper drawings have to be quickly converted to CAD. What to do? Should the paper drawings be tediously re-drawn by in-house drafting staff or should this work be sub-contracted to an external service provider?
The architect sent us copies of the paper plans. Within three days for the most part, and in a few urgent cases within 24 hours, we turned useful CAD files around to the client. The files contained exact geometry, dimensions, original texts and the layering conforming to the local standard. The vectorised plans we provided were put to use immediately. The precision and quality we provided were identical to that, which would have resulted, had the drawings been manually re-drawn. Our specialised service provided a faster turnaround, compared to manual means. Our service also cost only a fraction of what any home-made approaches would have cost. The use of our service naturally freed up capacity and resources for our client. We can be used on an as-needed basis, as opposed to our clients’ having to maintain staff to perform basic conversion work. Because of this convincing time and money savings, and price/performance ratio, we routinely service several hundreds of architects and engineers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria with conversions of existing flat files into editable, useful CAD files. For further references near you, please call us! Likely we can pinpoint someone with a positive experience concerning our service near you.

Field Dimension Verification in Industrial Occupancies

An industrial establishment possesses plans of the exterior building shell and the interior processes. Often those are partially available in CAD format. But more often than not, particularly in older facilities, the plans don’t always reflect current conditions because of frequent modifications, renovations and additions. This means that new schematics, plans and details are being drawn. The existing areas and processes have to be re-measured. Usually, there is an in-
house CAD department and often it is overtaxed with other work and while it possesses CAD hardware and software, it does not similarly equipped for efficient field measuring work. What to do? Hire a measuring firm and merge their data into CAD or let the work to one service provider who provides a cost-effective turn-key service?

JDS conducted the measurements at the client’s facility. Following this, the existing CAD files were changed in order to reflect the as-built conditions of the facility and the processes it contains. The industrial client rapidly received accurate, exact, as-built CAD plans as well as colour plots on paper.

Converting from paper flat files to CAD

An industrial establishment was totally converting from paper flat files to CAD: A manufacturer of plastic parts had 1,800 paper drawings but was using CAD for new drawings and to create and maintain product drawings. The company sought a cost-effective means of converting its entire stock of drawings into CAD format.

During a market analysis, this industrial client requested and received a quotation from JDS, to do the entire conversion job, providing precise and accurate CAD plans for approximately €32,000.-. Since he was sceptical at first, he started with a partial order for one hundred drawings to convert from paper flat files into CAD format. He received the desired files within one week and was positively impressed with the quality. He then submitted a further one hundred paper drawings and provided additional requirements concerning layering and other desired details. This order was also completed within a week, resulting in the desired CAD files. Once again, the quality impressed our client, who subsequently awarded the entire conversion to us.

Developer needs photo-realistic rendering for the development of a building

A developer plans a residential building. The architect’s drawings are provided as 2D CAD files. The developer needs to convince some participating decision makers who are unfamiliar with drawings and unable to envision the final product on the basis of 2D data.

The developer hires JDS to produce a photo-realistic rendering from the architect’s plans, resulting in a bird’s eye view as well as views from various perspectives. Additionally, the client ordered several camera path views, which enabled buyers to travel through the residences on the computer screen. The contemplated new building was being integrated with existing buildings in the surrounding neighbourhood. The result: The stakeholders and participants were able to view the building, within the neighbourhood as well as the individual suites, with variable colour schemes and lay-out options on the screen, long before ground was broken. The pricing for this project was less than expected due to JDS’ know-how, capacity and modern software for visualisations.

Municipality requires CAD file for renovation

A municipality desired to renovate its historic city hall. CAD elevations of the façade were required. There were no original graphic documents available and the historic façade is rich in details, which are an important aspect of the renovation.

JDS took pictures of the building and measured the façade on site using a tachymetre. For all wall openings several reference points were determined. Furthermore, these openings and architectural details were photographed with a very high resolution. The same thing was done with complete and partial views of the façade. On the basis of the aforementioned reference points, the photographs were de-scewed and converted into CAD drawings of all four sides of the building. The architectural details were also converted into CAD format and, along with the similarly converted partial views, integrated into the overall CAD façade drawings. The result: Complete CAD views of the four building sides. The client benefited from a very low price, due to JDS’s CAD and photogrammetry experience.

A public utility company needs maps converted to CAD

A public utility commission had 200 paper maps of its service area, fixed to cardboard sheets. The service net itself was manually entered on the maps in colour. The actual services had been extensively altered over many years and had become rather difficult to recognise. As a preliminary step towards a GIS system, the public utility commission wanted to convert all maps into CAD and then import the resulting vectors into the GIS system for a permanent means of storage and maintenance. This client decided to use AutoCAD.

JDS was awarded the project to digitise all maps by converting them into CAD files. The public utility commission received exact CAD files for its service net, the streets and the buildings. All objects that belong together are located together in their respective colour co-ordinated layers, which have been dictated by the client. A seamless merging of all the drawings and the service net into one overall map then became possible but was to be enacted at a later point in time.

Airport needs exact CAD files

An airport had approximately 500 drawings, which were in constant use and available only in flat paper format. To simplify modifications, maintenance and storage of this graphic information, the drawings were to be converted into CAD format.
The airport awarded the order to digitise the drawings to JDS and rapidly received exact, editable CAD files.

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Samples for JDS CAD digitization

Below please find sample drawings from different industries both as raster files and the DXF files resulting from our CAD digitization. Click on the icons in order to view the enlarged images in a new window. You can also store the file on your hard disk.



ArchitekturRaster(Raster) ArchitekturCAD(CAD) MaschinenbauRaster





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