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We ocr`ize your documents into further editable tables / text files

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Indicative prices data entry – MS WORD

text pages
- per 1,000 characters
from 75 ctplus VAT

By scanning and interactive character recognition procedures it is possible to capture even difficult text material, including handwriting with high accuracy.

Indicative prices data entry for spread-sheet programs – MS Excel, Access

data record
with 40 characters
from  8 ctplus VAT

The conversion of table contents, of questionnaires, market surveys, etc. from paper into an Excel or an Access table is a standard task for the JDS service.

OCR services: data capture and recognition of text content from books, documents, spreadsheets, using OCR and data entry

Data sheets, forms, lists, books, magazines and documents which are presently on paper are needed as files that can be edited on your computer. They shall be processed by using common programs such as WORD, EXCEL or they are required in formats such as XML or SGML. Orthography, character font and the layout must be correct, including the positioning of images and diagrams on the pages. Headings, footnotes, formulas and paragraphs must be properly represented, as well as the columns. And they must be available fast and inexpensive…
We convert paper documents, microfilm and image files into structured text files. With conversion precision of up to 99,99 %.
Our digitization OCR services can convert your existing source documents into text files inexpensively. Since we combine automatic with manual processes, we can warrant very high quality for very little money indeed. We also convert hand-writing and very old Gothic printed texts, insofar as they’re still legible.
Different acquisition processes from OCR to triple key entry result in different levels of conversion accuracy from 97% through 99.99%.
Our OCR services set-up enables data acquisition from small to very large volumes. The text data captured is converted into various common data formats. Among them are WORD, Excel, Access files and particularly XML, SGML, HTML and PDF.
Our OCR services include scanning and conversion of books, magazines, manuals and more.
We scan paper, microfilm and also convert from electronic image files into doc, pdf, xls, xml,…
For your sales, marketing or administration we quickly and inexpensively convert table type market studies, address lists, old computer print-outs etc., into data sets for the most common database programs.

Optional indexing service

As part of our OCR services we optionally extract the header or footing line from the scanned pages or from locations in the document as well as previously defined information and use it in order to derive the file names. So we can for example store a multi-page document into a directory, which uses the document title as directory name. Within this directory each page is provided either consecutively numbered or with a file name extracted from the document…

SGML/XML files for Cross-Media Publishing

Many publications beside in print today appear also in the World Wide Web, on presentation CDs and in full text data base systems. In these new media tagging languages such as SGML, HTML and XML are increasingly used, in order to structure text in such a way that it is suitable at the same time and without additional expenditure for both paper print and for the publication in the Internet.
The production of standardized tagged files from raw manuscripts as well as the insertion of changes into these files are just as laborious as expensive.
As part of our OCR services, we specialize in the production of tagged files and can provide you with a professional comprehensive service including the insertion of the tags at unrivaled low prices.
For those OCR services we cooperate successfully with publishing and printing houses for whom we transfer paper documents into SGML-based control files for printing or into HTML or XML pages.

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