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Digitizing Services that make your work easier and minimize costs and time!

JDS Scan Service

We scan paper plans and deliver them as digital images. We also scan entire buildings or machinery parts and produce an accurate digital representation of these objects as point clouds. These digital scan data are very well suited for archiving and documentation.

JDS CAD Service

We convert scan data into CAD models in 2D and 3D. These CAD models exactly present your plans and objects in your CAD system with graphics, geometric objects, icons, text and dimensions . They can be used for planning, engineering design and building survey.

Test us!

We create a test-scan / CAD file FREE of charge & without any obligation! Call us at +49 (0)69 / 905 469-0 or send us an email with your inquiry. We advise you gladly and will make an individual offer free of charge taking the amount of your templates under consideration.

30 years of “Digital Services”

 The JDS SOMMER GmbH has already demonstrated excellent service and quality in the field of digital services for 30 years. We serve approximately 2,000 customers ranging from utilities, public sector, construction to many more industries. Read in re­fe­re­nces, about projects realized in practice and how companies like yours gained significant competitive edge at low cost and in a short time by using our services.

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JDS Sommer - service for digitizing, scanning & CAD plans / drawings

Services for scanning, CAD digitization & vectorization of engineering plans and drawings

JDS Sommer is a service provider for CAD digitization and vectorization of engineering drawings, architectural drawings, as-built drawings and documents for digital archiving and CAD editing. Even nowadays many drawings, plans, documents and manuals only exist in form of paper. JDS Sommer supplies the digitization of such documents as a service. JDS Sommer digitization selectively supplies the provision of scanned files for digital archiving or of accurate CAD files that can further be edited with CAD programs such as AutoCAD, Microstation or Nemetschek Allplan.
Architects and engineers require safe and fast access to the plans and documents in a digital archive for their work: They need to see the plans/documents on their screen or print them out. In addition, those digital plans often need to be edited using CAD and other programs.
Many projects, especially in the beginning of the planning process, require plans to be available for editing using CAD in a short time. JDS Sommer CAD digitization provides this in a short time, with high quality of the CAD data at a reasonable price.

Architectural drawings, as-built plans, technical drawings, construction plans are scanned and vectorized in output formats such as DWG, DXF, DGN

JDS Sommer CAD digitization and drawing service delivers the exact plan digitization of large format drawings and technical as-built drawings using a scanner. The paper templates can be all sizes from A4 to A0, but also a multiple of A0. During the first step, these paper templates are converted to all common image formats such as PDF, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, etc. These formats are very well suited for digital archiving instead of paper filings.
In the next step of the JDS Sommer CAD digitization this image data is converted into CAD files. These CAD files take the measuring details of the as-built plans into account and include texts and symbols, as well as a layer structure. Here, the CAD specifications of customers are being followed, including the fonts, line styles, line thickness, etc.
The most common output formats are DXF, AutoCAD DWG, MicroStation DGN and Nemetschek Allplan. But numerous other CAD formats are available as well.
The CAD files are created through in advance vectorization and subsequently reworked and quality assured by CAD draftsmen.
If the customer has already scanned the originals and the image data is available, we can immediately convert these into CAD data without first scanning them. For the transfer of large amounts of image files an uploader is available on the JDS Sommer website.

Price determination for the CAD conversion

In order to easily get a quick overview of the costs of the JDS Sommer CAD digitization, prospective clients may use the pricing calculator on our website. For a binding quote, we are happy to advise you by phone or in person.

Digitize manuals and documents and convert them into WORD and Excel

Also, A4 and A3 documents are scanned and can be archived in all common image formats. If required, these documents can be converted into WORD or EXCEL files in which the structure of the pages of the digital documents matches the original’s. The conversion is done by OCR and the subsequent post-processing and quality assurance by data collection specialists.

Scan files are indexed and organized in directories

When scanning we gather data from the title block for the indexing of digitized plans and documents. We arrange the scanned files using these index data in data directories. With their help, the scan files can be found quickly and safely.

Adapt CAD files to new CAD specifications

In addition to recording and digitization to create scanning and CAD files, a further focus of our service is the conversion of CAD files to a new CAD guideline. If the customer has CAD plans with an existing CAD structure and needs them in another CAD specification, we transform his existing CAD data so that they conform to the new CAD specification. We perform this CAD restructuring process fast and inexpensive. For projects in which multiple suppliers contribute CAD files that were originally created by different CAD specifications, the conversion of all plans into a uniform CAD specification is a prerequisite to enable collaboration and a complete data exchange.